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Technology to Build Urgency, Commitment and Action in the face of Increasing Competition

Instantly Command Production of Custom Videos from your Phone

Videos are immediately distributed to your customers via text or email.

Video is the premier sales tool for high ticket items

Customers respond to video at a higher rate than any other advertising medium.

Millenials want to communicate via Text.

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The Dart Team

Dart is led by Fred J. Federspiel, who has a PhD in experimental nuclear physics from the University of Illinois, with 12 years of hands-on experience in real-time data readout and analysis technology. After serving as a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Staff Scientist at Los Alamos National Lab, Federspiel was VP of Sales for Bios Group, a technology consulting firm, growing sales from 0 to $4,000,000 in two years, and then was a founder at Pipeline Trading Systems, where Federspiel oversaw research, technology development, sales and operations. Pipeline’s innovative messaging application for professional traders repeatedly won top accolades for reducing costs for large institutional investors, and generated over $50,000,000 in commission revenues. At Dart, Federspiel is responsible for product development and sales.

Stephen Cooney serves as Head of Production. Cooney received a degree in Mathematics from the University of Oregon in Eugene. After working in the Aerospace industry, he joined Robert Abel & Associates, where he developed several innovative hardware and software tools used for visual effects for the film industry. Cooney later directed television commercials and on-air promotions, produced shows for the NY Giants, and served as a staff producer for WWE. For the past four years, Steve has been developing and selling technology for automating the production of inventory videos for automotive dealers. Cooney is responsible for creative elements at Dart: Brokerage branding, agent branding, agent on-camera, voice over, and music.

Dominic Schmitt serves as Head of Customer Success. He is an e-Commerce and New Media veteran, having developed retail and advertising solutions for brands such as the NBA, Barnes & Noble, the Kentucky Derby and ABC News. Most recently, he was Director of Partner Programs for Linq3, which transforms gas pumps into lottery terminals and delivers lottery numbers to mobile phones. Prior to Linq3, Dominic led the development of a digital taxi top in New York City for Verifone Media. Dominic has created CRM and inventory management systems for numerous digital ad networks. Dominic received his undergraduate degree from St. Louis University and his master’s degree from Columbia University. At Dart, Dominic oversees implementation of the mobile engagement program with partners.

Peter Goldey is Chief Market Advisor for Home Dart. He is a real estate technology veteran, having served as a co-founder and CIO of OnBoard Informatics. As one of the industry’s foremost experts on data collection, aggregation, and integration, Peter has developed content for scores of top 500 broker sites, web portals and Real Estate technology vendors. Peter has a degree in folklore and mythology from Harvard.